Monday, July 14, 2014

Refloat of Costa Concordia Begins

Costa Concordia this morning as operations began

Operations began as scheduled this morning at Giglio Island to refloat Costa Concordia. As of 8:30am local time (2:30am Eastern time in the US), the first step was well underway. In that phase the wreck was being lightened, and out of 30,000 tons of weight to be offloaded, only 1,000 remained. Once that weight was reached, the operation to lift the ship off the platform could begin. It will begin with the stern first.

Update: At 5:30am (Eastern time) the operations manager was reporting that the ship was detached from the platform and the sponsons were keeping it afloat.  At 6:00am, the ship had raised approximately one meter, with one more meter to go before towing of the ship will begin to position 30 meters east. Technicians have begun to tighten the chains on sponson S14 as planned to keep the ship in place.

Update: At 10:35am (Eastern time) the operations manager reports that towing 30 meters east is in progress. 

All eyes are on the waterline as the ship reaches close to 2 meters out of the water at about 8am Eastern time.

Once the wreck was floated up about 2 meters, it was towed very slowly 30 meters east.
In this photo of the stern, the waterline can clearly be seen where the ship has been sitting two meters lower in the water.
Update 2:30pm Eastern Time: Costa Concordia is now floating about 2.2 meters above the underwater platform upon which it has been resting, and the towing is complete. It has been moved about 30 meters east and has been secured there for the night.

Next will come two days of securing and positioning of the sponsons before the wreck is refloated up farther.

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