Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Seems Like Old Times

After just reuniting for the naming of Regal Princess last month, Princess Cruises has again brought the original cast of “The Love Boat” back together for launch of the celebration of the line’s 50th anniversary. On Thursday (New Year’s Day) they will be atop the line’s float in the 126th Rose Parade in Pasadena.

Today they made their way to the warehouse where the finishing touches are being put on the 60-foot float. During an interview with Al Roker for the Today Show, they just had to break into song, reprising Jack Jones’ iconic theme song for the show.

The original cast of "The Love Boat" with Al Roker and in Princess float in the background
Also seen while decorating the float: The Princess logo covered in blueberries. Is it part of the float - or breakfast?

Photo courtesy of Princess Cruises. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

50 Years Ago Today

This article, written by Michael Gallagher, public relations executive and historian for Cunard Line, is part of an ongoing series of key moments in Cunard Line's history

30 December 2014 – 50 years ago today, 30 December 1964, the contract for what was to become Queen Elizabeth 2 was signed. Of the 248 ships that have flown the Cunard flag since Britannia in 1840, QE2, as she was to become universally known, is one of the most significant ships Cunard has built.

At the end of August 1964 Cunard was in a position to invite tenders for Q4 – the widely-used codename for the new ship. The use of ‘Q4’ hinted that the new Cunarder was to be the fourth Queen ship that the company had built and meant that Queen Mary was now ‘Q1’ and Queen Elizabeth was ‘Q2’. ‘Q3’ never left the drawing board and it was the plans for that ship which were re-worked into ‘Q4’.

Technically ‘Q4’ should have been ‘Q5’ as the first Cunard Queen was Berengaria when Imperator was renamed.

The firms invited to tender for Q4 were John Brown and Co., Clydebank; Cammell Laird and Co., Birkenhead; the Fairfield Shipbuilding and Engineering Company, Glasgow; Harland and Wolf, Belfast; Swan, Hinter and Wigham Richardson, Wallsend-on-Tyne would combine with Vickers Armstrong, Wallsend.

The last two firms had formed a consortium to tender for Q3 but that was for a larger vessel so it was felt they would tender alone for Q4.

Many people still considered the Tyne shipyards the favorite for Q4 given their likely success in attracting Q3. John Brown’s order book was the least full of all the shipyards expected to tender and the disruption of Q4 on Clydebank would be virtually non-existent.

The tender document was issued to the yards on 9 September 1964 and consisted of 550 closely-typed foolscap pages of plans and specifications. Price was to be Cunard’s main consideration and the deadline for the shipyards was late November.

In mid-October Cammell Laird advised Cunard that “regretfully” they would not be tendering for the new Cunarder. The yard’s order book and delivery commitments were such that it could not commence work on the new ship until nearly a year later than the date necessary to meet Cunard’s delivery requirements.

A month later, the Fairfield yard announced it was also dropping out of the competition. Again the yard stipulated its order book and commitments as being the reason for not pursuing Q4.

The main John Brown board met at The Sanctuary, John Brown’s London office, to discuss and approve the terms of the quotation for Q4. In consideration of the great prestige of the contract, it was agreed to cover full costs and full charges but include no profit, although this was kept secret at the time. The board felt that ‘extras’, by way of changes to the contract during construction, would ensure no loss. It was their view that the contract for this ship simply must be won.

The tender from Harland and Wolf arrived at Cunard’s Liverpool Head Office on 28 November some 48 hours before the deadline. The next tender to arrive was from John Brown and the final one (delivered by hand by the two chairmen) came from the Tyne on 1 December.

On 30 November 1964 the tenders from the remaining three shipbuilders were opened:

     Vickers and Swan Hunter Tender
          October 1968 delivery date (subject to contract being awarded by the end of January 1965)

     John Brown Tender
          Delivery May 1968

     Harland and Wolff
          Delivery end of 1968

John Brown’s price was the lowest and its delivery date of May 1968, the earliest. However, Cunard Chairman Sir John Brocklebank and his staff were shocked to note that all three tenders were in excess of the £22 million set aside for the ship. John Brown’s price was £870,000 less than Vickers and £2,148,000 less than Harland & Wolff. John Brown’s terms for overheads etc were also more acceptable.

The shipyards had been asked to quote a fixed price but all three stated that particularly due to the long building period they were unable to do so. At the time it was difficult to obtain fixed prices from the shipbuilders for any type of ship. Likewise there was no penalty clause for late delivery of the ship – this had been discussed during the preparation of the tender for Q3 when all the available builders indicated that they would not accept any penalty clause.

Even the price submitted by John Brown was £2 million more than Cunard had estimated the cost of a new vessel would be. On receipt of the tenders there were several urgent meetings with Cunard management adamant that Q4 was still too expensive and may have to be cancelled. The problem for management was that the aging Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth would soon need to be taken out of commission which would leave Caronia and the four Canadian ships in commission with the result being a severe reduction in staff.

John Brown was advised that their tender was the lowest but that the price would have to be cut down further before a contract could be signed. Cunard asked the yard to reduce the cost of the ship by approximately £1.5 million. To qualify in time and obtain the benefits of the loan under the government’s Shipbuilding Credit Scheme it would be necessary for the ship to be paid for before 31 December 1964. That meant that within a period of two weeks the building agreement had to be prepared, agreed and signed. It was essential that the final figure be reached quickly.

A team of Cunard personnel went to Clydebank to meet with the yard management and over the course of three weeks, with beer and sandwiches at weekends, the cuts were made.

The group went through the specifications and managed to reduce the machinery (main and auxiliary) costs by £500,000 and the hull and electrical price by £1.5 million.

The whole tender was studied again and suppliers were asked to re-submit prices based on amended tenders. Even things such as the reduction in specification requirements for cabin furnishing (saving £62,000) to using white instead of colour sanitary units in passenger cabins (saving £9,000) were incorporated.

The most significant deletions and alterations, in a list prepared on 13 December 1964, to the original tender were as follows:


Perhaps the most significant deletion was one of the boilers which was deleted to also save weight and space. QE2 was originally to have had four boilers which could maintain full service speed with only three of these in use, allowing one to be shut down for maintenance without serious loss of headway. With hindsight the deletion of the fourth boiler proved to be a false economy as the lack of spare boiler capacity would compromise the liner’s reliable operation as a steam ship.

Saving (£)

· Stern anchor.
· The sliding roof on the Sports Deck. 27,300
· A set of stabilizers (four fins instead of six). 43,420
· One auto tensioning winch . 8,000
· Cathodic Protection. 6,600
· Two aft cranes. 32,000
· The aft MacGregor hatch and trunk. 27,000
· The aft lateral thrust units. 46,000
· Mental Ward and Mortuary. 1,600
· Verandah Grill from funnel base (the Grill was relocated in the main dining saloon area). 35,000
· Fur Store. 2,000
· Breakwater. 1,000
· Six lifts. 40,500
· Two gangway handling winches. 1,700
· Special cruising gangways. 500
· Twin boiler casings. 3,500
· Insulation in the way of the steam pipe passage.


· The cruise launches were modified.
· The forward cranes to be Stothert & Pitt.
· The boat davits to be steel in lieu of aluminium. 69,000
· Omit the painting of aluminium behind the Linings. 12,000
· Enamel beds for crew instead of aluminium. 10,000
· The relocation of insulated cargo from aft to forward. 1,000
· The Boiler Seatings were reduced in number.

The team were also able to re-arrange the ship by pointing out anomalies in the passenger departments’ requirements regarding Pullman berths etc and this secured berths for an additional 200 passengers.

Some things, such as the stern anchor (reinstated in September 1967 at a cost of £25,000) and the Mortuary would be reinstated.

Contract Signing

On 30 December 1964 John Brown’s Chairman Lord Aberconway and Sir John Brocklebank signed the contract for Q4 – the biggest passenger ship contract ever clinched in Britain. The contract was signed within the solid walls of the Bank of England. Sir John had telephone the unsuccessful yards earlier that morning to advise them of the company’s decision.

When the news was flashed to the Clyde, church bells rang out and there was much jubilation in the yard and on the Clyde as work for a large number of people on the world’s most prestigious shipbuilding contract had been secured for three years. Cunard, too, was delighted that the old partnership was in business once again.

Lord Aberconway: “Clydeside will have its happiest Hogmany for years. There will be no need to lay on a special celebration”.

Sir John Brocklebank: “This confirms our intention to stay in the forefront of the North Atlantic trade. This ship will be the match of any foreseeable competitor and of any cruising liner”.

Although Cunard stated they had not made any arrangements to name the liner pressure was mounting from America for a ‘Queen’ name while Princess Anne was the favorite in England.

In less than an hour Cunard were already receiving bookings for the new liner; 100 people, mainly Americans, registered on 30 December.

QE2’s actual build would be as traumatic as the race to secure the contract to build the ship. And throughout the build many thought Cunard was taking the biggest gamble in its history and that they were building a white elephant that would have to laid up or scrapped within six months of her entering service.

Well she defied those skeptics and, after entering service in May 1969, she went on to have one of the longest careers of any Cunard ships and her 39 years in service would see her sail more than any ship in history – over five million miles. For 34 years she maintained and continued the Atlantic service alone so perhaps her greatest legacy is her contribution to Cunard celebrating its 175th anniversary in 2015.

Q4 under construction in August 1967 - a month before her launch.
Her Majesty The Queen has just named and launched Queen Elizabeth 2 on 20 September 1967.
QE2 just before entering service in May 1969
Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother onboard the Royal Yacht Britannia
welcomes QE2 home after her Falklands service in June 1982.
QE2 salutes Lady Liberty in 1986 - the 100th anniversary of the Statue's opening
QE2 gets her enlarged funnel as her six-month re-engining (October 1986 - April 1987) nears its completion. It is still the biggest job of its kind ever undertaken and her new diesel-electric plant would achieve speeds approaching 34-knots on trials.
Photos courtesy of Cunard Line. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.Source: Cunard Line

Quantum Crew Member Held for Assaulting Sleeping Passenger

A 25-year-old crew member aboard Quantum of the Seas was arrested by US Marshals Saturday morning when the ship returned to Cape Liberty Cruise Port (Bayonne, outside NYC).

He was arrested for allegedly entering the woman's stateroom on December 23 and engaging in unwanted sexual contact with her while she was sleeping.

He made his first appearance in federal court yesterday and was ordered held without bond.

The complete story will appear in today's edition of Cruise News Daily.

Monday, December 29, 2014

It's All Coming Together in Pasadena

Things are coming together on Princess Cruises' float for Thursday's Rose Parade.

Here you see Julie Benson, Princess' VP of Public Relations, being interviewed by one of the local TV stations about why Princess in participating in this year's parade. (The theme of the parade is "Inspiring Stories" and that's right up Princess' block. It's also their 50th anniversary, so they are pulling out all the stops and the original cast of "The Love Boat" will even be riding aboard the float.) Look behind her and you'll see a section of the 60-foot-long float. Note the Bell Tower from Pisa at the left behind the camera and the dolphins at the right by the ship's bow.

The next two photos are construction details that the builder takes for records. We always hear how the floats must have every inch covered in seeds or plants. Those of us who have never actually been to a Rose Parade never have the opportunity to see how this actually happens. The first photo is a closeup of the Bell Tower from Pisa. Below is some of the detail on the dolphin near the ship's bow.

Photos courtesy of the Phoenix Decorating Company. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Body of Overboard Ryndam Crew Member Found

The body of a crew member who apparently went overboard from Holland America’s Ryndam was found on a Tampa area beach (on Sand Key) Friday morning. The 27-year-old Indian man was reported missing last Sunday morning (December 21, 2014) when the ship arrived in Tampa at the end of the cruise.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Line to Operate Cruises from Palm Beach to the Bahamas

The Port of Palm Beach is reporting they will have a cruise ship to replace Bahamas Celebration which struck an unknown object in the water as it was leaving Freeport on October 31 and opened a hole in the side of the ship below the water line.

The new ship, the 47,000-ton Grand Celebration, will be operated by a new line, Bahama Paradise Cruise Line, but with many of the same executives of the old line. The operation seems to be a duplicate of Bahamas Celebration’s, and the line plans to be in service as early as February 2015.

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9-Week Dry Dock Necessary to Repair Oceania's Insignia

Oceania says a nine-week dry dock will be necessary to repair the damage to Insignia from the December 11 fire.

The ship is now in San Juan where the work will be done. The time out of service will necessitate a major change to the ship's round-the-world cruise scheduled to begin from Miami on January 10. It will now begin in Singapore on March 22, 2015. It will continue from there on the balance of the original schedule.

Various options are being offered to passengers. Complete details will be in today's edition of Cruise News Daily.

Monday, December 22, 2014

RCCL to Add “Scrubbers” to 19 Ships

Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd said today they will add Advanced Emission Purification systems (AEP - a/k/a “scrubbers”) to 19 of their Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity branded ships.
   Once installed, the AEP systems will reduce sulfur dioxide emissions from the diesel engines by more than 97%. This will assure the ships are in compliance with  International Maritime Organization (IMO) Emission Control Area emissions standards.

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How the "scrubbers" work: (Maybe more than you ever wanted to know.)

Friday, December 19, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 19, 2014

* More “Measured Growth”
Carnival Corp today ordered two large ships from Fincantieri, one for their Carnival brand and one for the Holland America brand.

* Thinking about Cuba
President Obama’s announcement about Cuba yesterday brought a question today about Carnival’s plans for Cuba from a financial analyst on Carnival’s quarterly conference call, and CEO Arnold Donald revealed how carefully Carnival has been considering the prospect.

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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 18, 2014

* Celebrity Tests Overnight Calls in Caribbean
More and more cruise lines are releasing their schedules and opening their books earlier and early. You can add Celebrity Cruises to that list. They’ve just released their 2016-2017 Caribbean program.
   There seems to be a lot of creativity in the program, and there are a number of interesting elements to the itineraries.

* Carnival Goes with Super Ad on Super Bowl
Watch for it. Watch for it. Right between the Go Daddy and Budweiser commercials right after somebody calls for a timeout. It will be Carnival Corp’s first Super Bowl ad.
   It will be a 60-second ad, but nobody knows what it will be yet, because it hasn’t been decided yet.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 17, 2014

* Carnival Names a New President
Carnival Corp has chosen Christine Duffy to replace Gerry Cahill as president of the Carnival Cruise Line brand effective February 1.
   Duffy is currently the president and CEO of Cruise Lines International Assn.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about a cause for Celebration ... a foreign visitor ... a government reminder ... and the new look.

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Aurora Returns from Refit in New P&O Livery

P&O's Aurora left the yard in Hamburg Tuesday in the new P&O livery following a 20-day refit. 

Additional photos on Pinterist

Photos courtesy of P&O Cruises. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Christine Duffy Named President of Carnival Cruise Line

Carnival Corporation & plc., the world's largest travel and leisure company, today announced that Christine Duffy has been named president of Carnival Cruise Line, with 24 ships, making it the largest of Carnival Corporation's nine distinct cruise brands.

Duffy, currently president and CEO of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), will assume the role on Feb. 1, reporting to Arnold Donald, CEO of Carnival Corporation & plc.

"Christine is one of the most respected and dynamic leaders in the travel industry," said Donald. "She brings a wealth of experience to Carnival Cruise Line that will help the cruise line continue to deliver unmatched vacation experiences to millions of guests each year."

Duffy has more than 30 years of experience in the travel industry and started her career as a travel agent in Philadelphia at McGettigan Partners. As CEO of CLIA, the leading trade association of the cruise industry, she led many advancements including the globalization of cruise industry associations around the world to create a unified voice promoting cruising to key stakeholders from policy makers to consumers through CLIA's more than 13,000 travel agency members representing over 50,000 travel agents.

In this role, Duffy successfully engaged member cruise lines and industry stakeholders to support CLIA's expansion into new and emerging markets around the world. Before assuming her role with CLIA in 2010, she served as president and CEO of Maritz Travel, the largest corporate meeting, incentive and event companies in the world from 2004-2010.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for me to be part of a dynamic organization with a long history of innovation and industry firsts," said Duffy. "The name Carnival is truly synonymous with cruising and I look forward to joining this talented team to continue the tradition of excellence that has made Carnival Cruise Line one of the top cruise lines in the world."

Duffy serves on various travel industry boards including U.S. Travel Association (USTA), the advisory board for Starwood Hotels, and the Board of Directors for Visit Florida. In 2001, she founded Meeting Professionals International's Women's Leadership Initiative, which delivered research and programs to help women in the industry advance in their careers. She also is a member of The Committee of 200, an organization of the world's most successful women business leaders that supports, celebrates and advances women's leadership in business and works to ensure that women will continue to take on more significant and visible leadership roles.

The St. Louis Business Journal recognized her as one of the 25 Most Influential Business Women. Corporate Meetings and Incentives chose her as one of the "Top 10 Women Leaders in the Meeting Industry," and Meetings News magazine named her four separate times as one of the "25 Most Influential People in the Meetings Industry."

Source: Carnival Cruise Line

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 16, 2014

* Insignia and Passengers Still Waiting
Oceania’s Insignia is still sitting at the dock on St. Lucia (Castries) waiting for the authorities to complete their investigation into the cause of last Thursday’s engine room fire that killed three crew members and disabled the ship.
   Teams from the Marshall Islands (who will lead the investigation since the ship is registered there), the US National Transportation Safety Board and the US Coast Guard are all participating in the investigation.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about the Conservancy having a tentative agreement to save SS United States ... congratulations on the status quo ,,, and you ought to see what they do to the people who take their robes.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 15, 2014

* Things You’ll Want to Know
Today we have a collection of shorter, but interesting items our readers probably won’t want to miss.

+ Hot time on Luminosa
Last Thursday there was an electrical fire in the engine room of Costa Luminosa during its transatlantic crossing to Miami.

+ The dates are set
The first of MSC's annual baseball cruises is only weeks away.

+ All that’s missing are the Clydesdales
One British ship will carry more British beers than any other. Which one could it be?

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 12, 2014

* Carnival Schedules Amber Cove Calls
In less than a year, ships will begin to call at Carnival’s newest Caribbean port, Amber Cove, on the Dominican Republic’s north shore.
   Yes, the port will follow the “formula” of the other ports Carnival has built - but that doesn’t mean it’s coming out of a cookie-cutter.

* Insignia Update
Oceania has sent a technical team to St. Lucia to assess damage to Insignia from yesterday’s fire. While they don’t yet have a full assessment, Oceania has decided to cancel the next sailing on December 17.

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Amber Cove

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 11, 2014

* 3 Dead in Insignia Fire
Three people working aboard Oceania’s Insignia died this morning during an engine room fire after the ship docked at St. Lucia. No passengers were injured, and all were evacuated to local hotels to await flights home.

* Celebrity Expands in Asia
Celebrity Cruises has opened the books on their 2016-2017 Asian program, and during the season they will have two Millennium-class ships based in Asia which will sail 28 cruises.

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 10, 2014

* All at Once
Unlike past years, and other cruise lines with lots of ships operating globally, Norwegian Cruise Line decided to release their entire fleet deployment at once for the 2016/2017 season. It makes it a lot easier to see how it all fits together.
   You shouldn’t look for massive changes, but there are some interesting new programs included in it. On the other hand if you liked the 2015/2016 deployment, there’s plenty in the 2016/2017 program for you too.

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A Princess for a Princess!

This article, written by Michael Gallagher, public relations executive and historian for Cunard Line, is part of an ongoing series of key moments in Cunard Line's history

After Cunard Countess had entered service in 1976, Cunard Line looked forward to the introduction of her sister, Cunard Conquest, in March 1977. But when Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco consented to name Cunard Conquest, the company changed the name of the ship to Cunard Princess.

A Princess for a Princess.

The $60 million Cunard Princess would make Cunard American history, as her naming in New York was the first event of its kind in that city and the first of a Cunard ship actually in America itself!

Princess Grace and assembled guests arrived in New York for the scheduled christening, but there was just one problem: Cunard Princess was caught up in a ferocious Atlantic storm and arrived 63 hours late for her big event. The Princess and her 18-year-old son Prince Albert waited for her, and on 30 March 1977 the outdoor ceremonies took place from the deck of a Circle Line excursion boat moored between the terminal and the 17,586-ton ship.

It would take several attempts for Princess Grace to break the christening bottle of champagne. When she eventually did, the contents splattered all over her white straw hat and peach-coloured wool coat – and some of the assembled paparazzi.

Princess Grace is about to christen Cunard Princess
Here we go ,,,

Looking good ...
No, not quite!

Again ...

Smash and splatter!

Later that day, Princess Grace joined 400 other guests on an overnight cruise aboard Cunard Princess. When asked why she came all the way from Monaco for the naming, she replied, “Because I was very flattered to be asked – wouldn’t you do it, if you were asked to christen a lovely ship?” New York City Mayor Abraham Beame, who attended the ceremony, claimed that the Cunard Princess would be "a great boat to stow away on."

A jubilant Cunard even went as far as to claim that the Cunard Princess would be the last new cruise ship ever built! The cost of fuel had risen to unheard of levels and the supply of cruise berths had reached saturation point.

Conquest becomes Princess
Close inspection of the ship's hull reveals how crudely the name had been
changed from Conquest to Princess. Notice the "Q" behind the "N."
Cunard returned to New York for the naming of Cunard Crown Dynasty at Pier 88 on 16 July 1993 by former First Lady Betty Ford who was accompanied by her husband, former President Gerald R. Ford.

As for the earlier naming of Cunard Countess, Janet Armstrong, wife of former American astronaut Neil Armstrong, made Cunard history when she became the first American to name a Cunard ship. That ceremony took place in San Juan.

Cunard Countess awaiting christening in San Juan

Costa Crociere Appoints New Corporate Marketing VP

Luca Casaura new vice president corporate marketing of Costa Crociere

Luca Casaura
Genoa, 10 December 2014 – Starting from today Luca Casaura has been appointed Vice President Corporate Marketing of Costa Crociere, reporting to Norbert Stiekema, Executive Vice President Sales & Marketing.

In this position Luca Casaura will coordinate all marketing activities concerning the development and positioning of the brand, media and communication strategy, research and product development.

He started out at Unilever Italy in late 1997, before joining the Danone Group in 2000, where he gained a long-lasting experience. Since 2013 he held the position of Activia Global VP Marketing, launching the first ever Global ICP Campaign for the Dairy Market leading brand in 72 countries.

Between 2008 and 2012, Luca Casaura has been Marketing, Communication and Media Director for Danone Italy, having previously gained various international experiences, first as Marketing Director of the “Enfants et Desserts” division of Danone France and later as Marketing Director of Danone Canada.

“I am very excited to work with Luca” commented Norbert Stiekema “an outstanding marketer with proven vision, creativity and great capability to bring change, all of which are key elements in building a stronger Costa brand”.

Luca Casaura, 42, married and father of a young daughter, with a strong passion for history and theatre, began his international career after graduating in Economics & Politics from the prestigious Bocconi University in Milan.

Source: Costa Crociere

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 9, 2014

* How It Should Be Done
St. Thomas is, as the saying goes, everybody’s favorite port. If that’s the case (and it seems to be, given the number of ships that dock there every day of the week), they are expecting traffic to just keep growing. To keep up with the expected growth - and the other Caribbean ports - two more berths will be built there to handle megaships.
   WICO (West Indian Company Ltd), the operator of the port, announced last week they plan to build a new pier with two berths to handle ships as large as Royal Caribbean’s Oasis-class, currently the largest ships sailing - and it will be ready in time for the 2017-2018 winter season.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about Carnival being beneficial ... and paying out.

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 8, 2014

* More Executive Shuffling at the Top
Royal Caribbean filled their top post today for their RCI brand, and unlike many vacancies we’ve seen lately, it was filled from within the company, by Michael Bayley, currently heading up the company’s Celebrity brand. Filling the top post then at Celebrity will be Lisa Lutoff-Perlo, currently RCI’s EVP of operations.
   In announcing the promotions, the company said they were “recognizing the deep bench of internal talent.”

* Longer Is Better
After years of telling us about the growing popularity of shorter cruises, many of Carnival’s customers are telling them something else. They want longer cruises, and as soon as the line opens them for sale, they buy them.
   Based on the popularity of the recently-added longer cruises from Galveston and Baltimore, Carnival has now added eleven more, longer voyages from a variety of ports.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 5, 2014

* Move Over, Guy and Johnny! Jimmy’s Going to Sea
The grill is heating up in the branded onboard burger war, and NCL just turned it up to high, because they are bringing in Jimmy Buffet and all of Margaritaville for their passengers to “waste away in.”
   A seagoing branch of Margaritaville will debut aboard Norwegian Escape in October, and then versions of it will roll out to other ships in the Norwegian fleet and even to Norwegian’s private islands of Great Stirrup Cay and Harvest Caye.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about Britto branching out ... and CLIA putting it all together.

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Norwegian Dawn at its new seasonal home of New Orleans

Photo courtesy of Port New Orleans. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 4, 2014

* Celebrity Orders New Class
Royal Caribbean signed a letter of intent today with STX France for a pair of vessels today for their Celebrity brand. The company already has an order with the yard to build Oasis 3.
   The ships will be a new class of vessel with the working name of Project Edge. They will be sized at 117,000 tons and will have 2,900 lower berths.

* Virgin Hires a CEO
The Virgin Group made it official today: They are entering the cruise business and creating Virgin Cruises, and Bain Capital will be their investment partner.
   Making it seem more real, they announced they have hired a CEO, cruise industry veteran Tom McAlpin.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 3, 2014

* Where to Find the Best of British Art
When P&O’s Britannia enters service in March, it is going to be filled with everything British and represent the best of Britain. That includes the art that will be included in the collection aboard. Actually, it will be Britain’s largest floating art collection.

* Did You Miss It?
The 2014 Atlantic hurricane season officially ended last Sunday. It did so without seeing much activity.

* Schettino Testimony Continues
Francesco Schettino, the captain of Costa Concordia, continued testimony in his trial in Grosseto, Italy today, in much the same way as it did yesterday.

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Britannia to Have Best of British Art

Earlier this year P&O Cruises launched a national campaign to find out what the general public thought embodied the spirit of Britain. Then they teamed up with renowned British artist Johnny Bull, to commission a piece of art incorporating his favourite suggestions. The piece will find it's home on Britannia. Find out how he made it in this new video....

The Johnny Bull piece is just one small part of of the British art that will be aboard Britannia. Britannia's design and decor will feature some of the most promising art talents in Britain. In this video, renowned curator Tom Tempest-Radford explains just what that means...

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 2, 2014

* Things You’ll Want to Know
Today we have a collection of shorter, but interesting items our readers probably won’t want to miss.

+ Four more years
  Norwegian inks an agreement in New Orleans

+ One in 500   RCCL is moved into the S&P 500

+ Schettino testifies
   Costa Concordia's begins to testify under oath

+ A long way from home   What cruise ships have to do with "lobster migration"

+ Three sheet cakes to the wind
   NCL's master baker agrees with the police and loses his license

+ The secret feature
You’ve seen a lot written about Quantum of the Seas and its innovative new experiences available for passengers, but there’s one that never seems to be mentioned. Mention the SeaPlex multi-use sports complex, and again you always hear of the bumper cars, but something cool is getting overlooked. It's the circus school which is open to adults as well as kids. Here you can learn the flying trapeze, juggling or the Lyra hoop. 

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Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean International. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission. 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 1, 2014

* Seabourn to Keep Building
Seabourn and Fincantieri announced today that the luxury line has exercised an option to build a second vessel in the series the line ordered last January.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about NCLH making executive changes ... Australia's largest ship arriving home ... and cruising with a Partridge.

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NCLH Appoints New President and CEO for Prestige

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Appoints Jason Montague President and Chief Operating Officer for Prestige Cruise Holdings

Jason Montague
MIAMI, Dec. 1, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq:NCLH) announced today that Jason Montague has been named President and Chief Operating Officer of Prestige Cruise Holdings, Inc. effective today, following the resignation of Kunal S. Kamlani. Montague was instrumental in launching Oceania Cruises in 2002 and is widely regarded as one of the original co-founders of the company.

"As we continue to refine the future organization, Jason stands out as a leader who is knowledgeable about the brands and is so passionate about them," said Kevin Sheehan, president and chief executive officer of Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. "Jason's financial background also aligns well with our corporate culture and strong focus on financial discipline."

Prestige Cruise Holdings, Inc. Chief Executive Officer Frank Del Rio noted that Montague had played a key part in creating the great brands that have been built at Prestige. "We are confident that both the Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands will continue to prosper and grow with Jason at the helm," said Del Rio.

Most recently, Montague served as Executive Vice President and Chief Integration Officer for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. Prior to the acquisition of Prestige, he served as Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President of Prestige Cruise Holdings, Inc. During his twelve year tenure, he helped Del Rio launch Oceania Cruises in 2002 and has seen the company through the purchase of its initial three R-class vessels, the equity investment by Apollo Management, the acquisition and integration of Regent Seven Seas Cruises, the financing and delivery of Oceania Cruises' Marina and Riviera new builds and the recent acquisition by Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

"I am truly excited to take the helm of these two amazing brands which have had so much success and have such a bright future ahead," said Montague. "I look forward to building relationships with the travel agent community, delivering an exceptional product for our loyal guests, and engaging our hard-working team members."

Prior to joining Oceania Cruises, Montague operated a successful consulting practice focused on strategic planning and development of small to medium-sized companies. Previously, he held the position of Vice President Finance for Alton Entertainment Corporation, a brand equity marketer who was majority owned by the Interpublic Group of Companies. Montague holds a BBA in Accounting from the University of Miami.

About Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq:NCLH) is a diversified cruise operator of leading global cruise lines spanning market segments from contemporary to luxury under the Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands.

These brands operate a combined 21 ships with approximately 40,000 lower berths visiting more than 430 destinations worldwide. The company's brands will introduce six new ships through 2019.

Norwegian Cruise Line is the innovator in cruise travel with a history of breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising, most notably with the introduction of Freestyle Cruising, which revolutionized the industry by giving guests more freedom and flexibility on the most contemporary ships at sea. Oceania Cruises is the market leader in the upper-premium cruise segment featuring the finest cuisine at sea, gourmet culinary experiences, elegant accommodations, impeccable service and destination-driven itineraries. Regent Seven Seas Cruises is the market leader in the luxury cruise segment with all-suite accommodations, highly personalized service and the industry's most inclusive luxury experience featuring round-trip air, fine wines and spirits and unlimited shore excursions among its numerous included amenities.

Source: Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 26, 2014

* The Rules of the Game Are Changing
Next month Port Canaveral will open a new cruise terminal which they needed to urgently build due to two newly contracted ship coming to the port. Last week a consultant hired by the port to study their future needs reported to them that he believes the port will need to build three more cruise terminals in the next 25 years.
   Port officials feel wonderful because if you believe the consultant, cruise lines will be lined up to come to Port Canaveral.
   There are three important factors which weren’t mentioned, however. If they were considered, it may well have changed the finding that the port will need more terminals or at least tempered it.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about it being that time of year again in Tampa ... and O'Sheehan's is open for business.

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The new O'Sheehan's Neighborhood Bar & Grill aboard Norwegian Gem
Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 25, 2014

* NCLH Acquires Ocean Princess
It didn’t take NCL Holdings too long to make a capital investment in one of their recently-acquired brands. The company was revealed as the buyer of Ocean Princess which will become part of the Oceania brand in April 2016.

* Something for Everyone
Since Holland America is designing Koningsdam from the ground (water) up, it’s allowing them to put in any features they want, and the line says in designing the ship they’ve listened to their customers.
   As a result they have two big new features not currently on any other Holland America ships. Koningsdam will feature the line’s first-ever purpose-built staterooms for families and single staterooms.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 24, 2014

* Passenger Overboard from Sun Princess
An 84-year-old man was reported missing from Sun Princess Tuesday morning (local time) as it was sailing between New Zealand and Sydney.
   The ship was thoroughly searched, and he was later seen on CCTV video going overboard Monday evening at 8:40pm.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about a change of mind in Venice ... and RCI doubling down on Tampa.

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Vision of the Seas at Port Tampa Bay

Friday, November 21, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 21, 2014

* Going Outside
Another cruise line has gone outside the industry to fill the position of president. Holland America Line today announced Orlando Ashford will join the company as president of the brand, effective December 1.

* Majesty of the Seas Leaving RCI Brand
Royal Caribbean International said today that Majesty of the Seas will be transferred to Royal Caribbean’s Pullmantur brand at the end of April 2016.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about RCCL forming a joint venture in China ... Princess founder Stan McDonald dies ... a change of plans for Costa ... Fincantieri officially signing on ... and something to leave home without if you are sailing from Venice.

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Holland America Line Names Orlando Ashford as President

Orlando Ashford
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 21, 2014 — Holland America Line announced today that effective Dec. 1 Orlando Ashford will join the company as president to lead the award-winning cruise line's brand and business, including its fleet of 15 premium vessels carrying approximately 850,000 guests annually to all seven continents. Ashford joins the company from Mercer, the global consulting leader in talent, health, retirement and investments, where he was president of the Talent Business Segment.

“We are fortunate to have Orlando join our team, bringing with him a career's worth of global experience leading high-performance teams that helped innovate some of the most respected and well-known companies in the world,” said Stein Kruse, chief executive officer, Holland America Group. “I am confident that Orlando’s leadership will enable Holland America Line to build on its uncompromising Signature of Excellence commitment to deliver a superior guest experience that will continue generating rave reviews from our guests, travel professionals and the industry alike.”

“Holland America Line is a remarkable and highly respected company that delivers exceptional experiences and indelible memories of joy and adventure to their guests,” said Ashford, newly appointed president of Holland America Line. “It’s a noble mission, and I am eager to get to work with this talented group of service-minded employees to unleash new ideas while building on the success of this thriving global business.”

Ashford will oversee Holland America Line’s sales and marketing, revenue management, deployment and itinerary planning, public relations, hotel operations and strategy. He will report to Holland America Group CEO Kruse and will be part of the Group’s executive leadership team alongside brand leaders Jan Swartz, president of Princess Cruises; Richard Meadows, president of Seabourn and president of Cunard North America; and Ann Sherry AO, chief executive officer, Carnival Australia. Ashford will relocate to the Holland America Line headquarters office in Seattle.

Prior to his role at Mercer, Ashford served as senior vice president, chief human resources and communications officer of Mercer's parent company, Marsh & McLennan Companies. He also has held several other leadership roles during the course of his career, including group director of human resources for 90 countries in Eurasia and Africa for the Coca-Cola Company and vice president Corporate Center human resources and cultural transformation. Previously he was vice president of global human resources strategy and organizational development for Motorola, Inc. where he helped modernize the human resources function for the global tech leader.

Ashford’s recently published book, Talentism, addresses the global disconnect between available jobs – more than one-third of employers worldwide cannot fill all available jobs – and the estimated 202 million eligible workers who are unemployed worldwide. Ashford examines how technology and human networks can help bridge the skills gap, improve business performance, and lead to the betterment of society at large.

Ashford is on the Board of Directors for a global manufacturing company ITT Corporation. He is among the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) 2013 and 2014 “Directorship 100,” and has been honored as a Purdue University School of Technology Distinguished Alumnus. An active community supporter, he is on the Board of Directors for the Executive Leadership Council, the preeminent membership organization for the development of global black leaders, and for Streetwise Partners, an organization that brings together low-income individuals and volunteer business professionals to develop workplace skills and employment networks. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in Organizational Leadership and Industrial Technology from Purdue University.

Source: Holland America Line

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 20, 2014

* Carnival Corp Again Shuffling Top Brand Execs
Cunard Line said today that well-known industry executive Rick Meadows will become president of Cunard Line-North America, reporting to David Noyes, CEO of Cunard Line.
   Meadows will be responsible for the brand’s North American operations, effective December 1.

* Marketing - But Not to You
Starting next Monday, the World’s Leading Cruise Lines, a/k/a the nine brands of Carnival Corp, are going to begin a major marketing initiative across multiple platforms, but it’s not aimed at you, because you are already a cruiser. They are specifically targeting people who have never cruised.

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Carnival Corporation Releases Sustainability Report, Reduces Rate of CO2 Emissions by 20 Percent

World’s largest cruise company releases 2013 Sustainability Report highlighting key initiatives from company and its nine brands

Company meets goal for 20 percent reduction in rate of CO2 emissions a full year ahead of schedule

Other report highlights include investment in environmental technology, improvements in ship energy efficiency and reduction in shipboard water consumption

MIAMI (November 20, 2014) – Carnival Corporation & plc (NYSE/LSE: CCL; NYSE: CUK), the world's largest cruise company, today released its 2013 Sustainability Report detailing the company’s sustainability efforts, including initiatives which enabled it to meet its corporate goal to reduce its rate of CO2 emissions from shipboard operations by 20 percent – a year ahead of its initial plan. The Sustainability Report was prepared in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 ”core” level, and a full copy can be downloaded from Carnival Corporation’s site.

To meet its corporate CO2 sustainability goal, Carnival Corporation and its nine global brands developed energy reduction and conservation initiatives, many of which exceed current laws and regulations. The company’s brands include Carnival Cruise Lines, Cunard, Holland America Line, Princess Cruises and Seabourn in the U.S.; AIDA Cruises in Germany; Costa Cruises in Italy; and P&O Cruises (United Kingdom) and P&O Cruises (Australia).

As a part of its air emission reduction initiatives announced in September 2013, Carnival pioneered an industry-first effort to develop ground-breaking exhaust gas cleaning technology, called ECO-EGC™, that removes pollutants from the exhaust gases at any operating condition of a ship – at sea, during maneuvering and in port. Carnival Corporation is currently installing the systems on its fleet with plans for installations on more than 70 percent of its fleet, representing a significant advancement in environmental technology and reduced air emissions.

In addition to this initiative, Carnival and its nine brands implement extensive measures to deliver on the corporate commitment to continue to keep guests and crewmembers safe and comfortable, protect the environment, develop and provide opportunities for its workforce, strengthen its stakeholder relations and enhance the communities in which the company visits and operates. These efforts are detailed in this year’s Sustainability Report – highlights include:

  • Committing to invest more than $400 million to install an industry-first exhaust gas cleaning technology to 70 percent of the fleet
  • Introducing two new ships, Royal Princess and AIDAstella, that are among the most efficient ships at sea today, both from a unit cost and fuel efficiency standpoint
  • Investing up to $700 million into the company’s ships and operations to ensure its ships operate safely and reliably, underscoring that the safety and comfort of guests and crew are the top priority for the company
  • Adopting a Passenger Bill of Rights along with other members of the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) to commit to further inform cruise guests of the industry’s commitment to their comfort and care
  • Donating over $1.5 million to Typhoon Haiyan relief efforts in addition to other efforts to support the communities in which the company operates
  • Making progress with its Asian growth strategy, positioning the company to capitalize on the emerging region including doubling its presence in China, successfully launching an inaugural homeport in Japan and opening offices in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore

“At Carnival Corporation we believe that sustainability is about preserving our environment, respecting our employees and communities and returning value to our shareholders,” said Bill Burke, chief maritime officer for Carnival Corporation. “Today’s report details our progress towards both our goal to reduce emissions, and our ongoing commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen. For us, sustainability is a core part of how we conduct business. We continue to make major progress and are committed to maintaining our leadership in sustainability and setting industry standards for corporate citizenship.”

In October, Carnival released the results of its multi-year Fleet Fuel Conservation Program that by the end of 2014 will have saved more than one billion gallons of fuel and reduced fleet carbon emissions by 12 billion kilograms over a seven year period. By that time, the program will also have improved the fleet’s overall fuel efficiency by 24 percent compared to 2007, while saving approximately $2.5 billion in fuel costs, the company’s single biggest expense.

Source: Carnival Corp

Cunard Line Names Richard Meadows President of Cunard Line – North America

Appointment as President of Cunard in North America Expands Current Role as President of Seabourn

Richard Meadows
20 November 2014 – Cunard today announced that Richard Meadows has been appointed President of Cunard Line – North America, assuming operating responsibility for the iconic Cunard brand throughout the North American continent from 1 December 2014. He will report to David Noyes, CEO of Cunard Line. Meadows will retain his role as President of Seabourn, leading all business and global operations for the ultra-luxury cruise line.

“With Rick having worked at so many brands within the Carnival Corporation portfolio, we are eager to leverage his knowledge, experience and skills to advance the Cunard brand in North America,” said Noyes from the Line’s headquarters in Southampton. “His background in leading Seabourn is particularly valuable, as he understands well the nuances of delivering superior service and enriching onboard experiences – the things that directly appeal to Cunard passengers. We are thrilled to have him join our team.”

As President of Cunard – North America and Seabourn, Meadows will give his full attention to these two celebrated luxury brands, focusing in particular on generating brand awareness, growing revenues and yields, advancing exceptional product innovation and providing unmatched guest experiences. Under his leadership, Cunard and Seabourn will continue to create outstanding cruise experiences and lifetime memories for their passengers.

Meadows has held key positions at a number of Carnival Corporation & plc brands over his 29-year career with the group and has held the position of President of Seabourn since 2011. During that time, he also has served as Executive Vice President of Marketing, Sales and Guest Programmes for Holland America Line, where he had global revenue responsibility. With his appointment as President of Cunard – North America, Meadows will gradually step away from Holland America Line to give his complete focus to his new role. “It is an incredible honour for me to help lead and serve Cunard,’” said Meadows. “I am excited about the prospect of working closely with David and the Cunard management team to enhance how we deliver luxury on a grand scale to discerning travellers in this region of the world.”

Source: Cunard Line

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 19, 2014

* Done Deal
Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd announced today they had completed the acquisition of Prestige Cruise Holdings, giving Norwegian ownership of two additional cruise brands (Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises) for $3.025 billion in cash and stock.

* Itineraries Fit for a King
Holland America Line today announced that Koningsdam will debut in the eastern Mediterranean. Fincantieri will deliver the ship on February 15, 2016 at Marghera, and its Premier Voyage will sail from Civitavecchia (Rome) on February 20.

* Seems Like Billy Joel Has Taken up Residence on Crystal Serenity
Beginning on the current voyage, passengers aboard Crystal Serenity are enjoying a new type of production show, “My Life: The Music of Billy Joel.”

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The Stars of the Show in Two70

Quantum of the Seas is filled with technology, and one of the coolest pieces is in the Two70 Lounge. We're speaking of the robotic screens created for Royal Caribbean by ABB Robotics.

This first video gives you an idea of what they can do and how they perform with the dancers, singers and acrobats.

This video, entitled "Dance in a Box" demonstrates what the screens can do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 18, 2014

* Back to Their Roots
This summer, Windstar went back to the South Pacific and Tahiti after a ten-year absence. Now they’ve decided - beginning next summer - to make it a permanent thing and sail there again year round.
   The return to Tahiti is Windstar somewhat returning to its roots. Tahiti was the line’s signature route (under the previous owners), and the return will even be with one of the original sailing yachts, the 148-passenger Wind Spirit, making it all the more romantic.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about giving me 5 ... and Virgin Cruises securing a major investment.

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 Mike Schwanke, Marketing Director of TUI Cruises. pushes the button to start the steel cutting
thus starting production of Mein Schiff 5

Monday, November 17, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 17, 2014

* Norwegian Epic to Be More Like Other Ships
Norwegian Epic is moving to the Mediterranean full time beginning next spring, and when it gets there a major element of the ship will be changing - the entertainment.

* It’s Back and Bigger than Ever
Fincantieri has returned MSC Armonia to MSC, and as promised, it is 5,000 gross tons larger and 24 meters longer.
   Tonight the ship is sailing from the yard in Palermo to Genoa where it will reenter service on Tuesday with a 10-day Canary Island Cruise.

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"Priscilla Queen of the Desert - The Musical" will open on Norwegian Epic in the fall of 2015

Photo courtesy of Norwegian Cruise Line. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Video: Quantum of the Seas in New York Harbor

And now for a brief musical interlude:

Just a nice video from Royal Caribbean International to start a Monday. No newsworthy quality at all. Have a good week.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 14, 2014

We’re closing out the week with five smaller stories that you probably haven’t heard about, but we hope our subscribers will find them interesting:

+ Just in time for the holidays
Your shopping worries are over, at least for the Princess passengers on your gift list.

+ Keeping it British
When you’re naming a ship with the name of Britannia, it just wouldn’t do to use champagne, which must be from France, so P&O cruises has chosen a British sparkling wine with which to name the ship.

+ Cuba cruise surge continuing
The island nation of Cuba has been trying to rebuild their cruise industry (for port calls) since 2006, and this year they are experiencing a boom.

+ The perils of celebrity partnerships
Norwegian Cruise Line is learning the perils of having celebrity partnerships today as their “master baker” Buddy Valastro went to court in a first appearance on DWI charges in New York.

+ Quantum of the Seas named
Actress Kristin Chenoweth named Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas at Cape Liberty Cruiseport tonight in New York Harbor.

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Olly Smith with a glass of Brut NV
Photo courtesy of P&O Cruises. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Quantum of the Seas Officially Named

Royal Caribbean's new Quantum of the Seas was named in New York Harbor this evening by actress Kristin Chenoweth.

Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean International. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 13, 2014

* Not Much Celebrating
Things don’t seem to be looking good for anything connected to Celebration Cruise Line, the operator of Bahamas Celebration which struck an object while leaving Freeport on October 31, opening a 10-foot by 30-inch hole under the waterline.
   The ship did not return to service today as the line had implied it would, and worse yet, they don’t seem to be expecting it to return anytime soon.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about sailing as fast as we can ... and Korea enjoying the Asian cruise boom.

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 12, 2014

* Holland America Begins Koningsdam Reveal
It’s less than a year and a half until Holland America will take delivery of their first Pinnacle-class ship, Koningsdam.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about Adam Goldstein being appointed new CLIA chair ... and Port Everglades topping 4 million passengers this year.

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First Look Inside Koningsdam

The first ship of Holland America's new Pinnacle-class, Koningsdam, will go into service in February 2016, and Holland America is giving us the first look at the Adam Tihany interiors.

The atrium aboard Koningsdam.

Koningsdam's main restaurant

The two-story Queen's Lounge
Additional renderings can be found on our Pinterest board.

Renderings courtesy of Holland America Line. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Adam Goldstein is Appointed New CLIA Chair

Royal Caribbean Executive Succeeds Carnival's Howard Frank

WASHINGTON, Nov. 12, 2014 -- The Board of Directors of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) has appointed Adam Goldstein as Chairman as of January 1. In a normal rotation of duties, Goldstein, President and COO of Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., will take over from Howard Frank, Chairman of Costa Crociere S.p.A., who has served as CLIA Chair since 2010.

"The cruise industry today is a global industry, and under Howard's leadership CLIA became a world-class global association," said Goldstein. "I'm honored to take on this new role, and I look forward to continuing Howard's vision of a unified industry working together to ensure the safety and well-being of our passengers and crew, while encouraging a larger share of leisure travelers to consider the exceptional vacation experience that taking a cruise offers."

Under the chairmanship of Frank, CLIA implemented the association's new global structure under a unified mission of "One Industry, One Voice." The association also expanded its offerings and value to travel agent Members, and to destinations, ports, and industry suppliers under its Executive Partner membership program.

"It's been a privilege to work alongside Howard to achieve the Board's vision for the cruise industry's association," said Christine Duffy, CLIA president and CEO. "The worldwide prospects for growth in the cruise industry are unprecedented, and under Adam's leadership I'm confident that CLIA will be well-positioned to help all of our members seize every opportunity."

The past decade has seen a 77 percent increase in the popularity of cruising, to a record 21.3 passengers worldwide in 2013. On a global basis, the cruise industry was responsible last year for $117 billion in total spending that supported more than 891,000 jobs paying over $38 billion in wages.

About CLIA
Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the world's largest cruise industry trade association with representation in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australasia. CLIA represents the interests of cruise lines and travel agents before regulatory and legislative policy makers. CLIA is also engaged in travel agent training, research and marketing communications to promote the value and desirability of cruise holiday vacations with thousands of travel agency and travel agent members.

Source: Cruise Lines International Assn.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 11, 2014

* One Time Only
Last week I told you about the unique connection between Princess Cruises and “The Love Boat” which I learned so much more about at the naming ceremony. But I haven’t told you much about the evening’s program itself. It was  interesting for those of us who follow (or lived) history of the industry because the program was mostly paying homage to Princess’ 50th anniversary - and things happened there that we probably won’t see again.

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Quantum of the Seas at its new home port of Cape Liberty today
 Photo courtesy of Royal Caribbean International. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 10, 2014

* Quantum of the Seas Arrives at Home Port
Royal Caribbean’s new Quantum of the Seas arrived at her new homeport of Cape Liberty early this morning at the conclusion of her first revenue sailing.

* What Did Your Dog Find Today?
Celebrity passengers aboard Celebrity Equinox on November 21 will have a rare dining experience, thanks to Celebrity promoting the fine dining opportunities aboard their ships.

* Costa Diadema Opens New Savona Facility
Costa Diadema arrived for the first time at Savona (near Genoa) on Saturday. It was not only the ship’s maiden arrival at the port, but it also opened the new nine million euro cruise terminal (the second) at Costa’s Palacrociere.

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The new terminal at Palacrociere at Savona
Photo courtesy of Costa Crociere. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Quantum of the Seas Arrives New York

Royal Caribbean's newest,most technologically advanced ship, Quantum of the Seas, arrived at its home port of New York for the first time early this morning. We thought this was a different perspective.

Manhattan from the bridge of Quantum of the Seas

Lady Liberty was awaiting Quantum at her home port.

Photos courtesy of Royal Caribbean International. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without permission.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 7, 2014

* A New Queen Is Crowned
Tonight, Carnival has yet another major cruise ship in its fleet. Regal Princess was officially named on Wednesday in Ft. Lauderdale, and tonight, Costa Diadema was given its name in Genoa.

* Carnival Stocking Stuffers Everywhere
Carnival Cruise Lines has partnered with Blackhawk Network to distribute their gift card in more than 9,000 retail locations across the US.

* Surprise Maiden Call
Quantum of the Sea is on its inaugural sailing from Southampton to New York/Cape Liberty, and wasn’t supposed to be making any en route calls, but as things happen...

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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 6, 2014

* They Get It
Last night was a really fun evening for a big segment of the cruise industry. Princess Cruises christened Regal Princess, but as much as it was about the excitement of a new ship, it was just as much about celebrating Princess Cruises 50th anniversary and a very special relationship with “The Love Boat” over most of those years.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for November 5, 2014

* And Her Name is Regal
The original cast of “The Love Boat” christened Regal Princess tonight at Port Everglades. Prior to the ceremony, Princess created a fun tribute to the TV show which has been tied so closely to Princess Cruises by inviting its most frequent “passengers” to join in the celebration and recall their experiences on the show. It was like a Who’s Who of ‘70's television.
   The ceremony itself paid tribute to the 50 years of Princess Cruises. When “The Love Boat” stars pulled the lever, it released 50 bottles of champagne to break against the hull of the ship, and then the fifty-first bottle was released on the Pool Deck to break just below the godparents.
   There was just one small hitch. The bottle on the Pool Deck didn’t break, but everyone was having so much fun, it was like no one even noticed amid the rest of the celebration.
   We’ll have a full report in Thursday’s edition of CND.

* Another US Warning
The US State Depart issued another warning to US citizens in the Bahamas this week. They are again warning of the rising level of violent crime in and around Nassau.
   None of the incidents have involved cruise passengers, nor are they necessarily targeting Americans, but they are in the areas tourists frequent and have become bolder and more violent and in broad daylight.

* New Terminal Delayed
Florida Today is reporting that Port Canaveral’s new cruise terminal will be delayed in opening by a month due to construction delays.
   The new Terminal 1 is now scheduled to open on December 27.

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Photo copyright Cruise News Daily. It may not be copied or used without permission