Friday, January 7, 2011

Crew Members Overboard from Volendam

Updated: 2:55am, eastern - Two crew members aboard Holland America's Volendam accidentally fell overboard January 8 while performing routine maintenance at Christchurch (New Zealand).

According to a Holland America spokesperson, the accident occurred about 2:30pm Saturday afternoon (New Zealand time). While performing routine maintenance on a lifeboat, one of the securing cables broke, and the two fell into the water. Another lifeboat was immediately launched, and one man was quickly retrieved. Local authorities were contacted to assist in the search for the second crew member.

Local media said that a helicopter and divers were employed in the search. The 32-year-old man was later found deceased.

The first man was taken to a local hospital and released with only minor injuries.

Volendam was on a 14-day cruise which departed Sydney on January 2.

Complete details will appear in Monday's edition of Cruise News Daily.