Sunday, July 13, 2014

Costa Concordia Refloating Operation Confirmed to Begin Monday

Costa Concordia as it looked on Sunday ready to be refloated.
Titan Micoperi (the consortium Carnival/Costa has employed to remove the Costa Concordia wreck) has received final approval from the Italian government to refloat the Costa Concordia wreck beginning Monday morning (July 14) at 6:00am local time (12:00 midnight Eastern time in the US).

During the first phase on Monday, the ship will be floated up just about two meters and towed about thirty meters east. It will then be moored with two anchors aft and six steel cables on the ship's starboard side. It will be kept in position by two tugs on the ship's port (offshore) side and one at the ship's bow.

Monday' operation is expected to take six to eight hours.

Illustration of how Costa Concordia should look at the end of Monday's operation.