Saturday, July 19, 2014

Costa Concordia Rising Higher

At 11am local time (5am Eastern time in the US) on Saturday morning, the operations center reports that Costa Concordia has risen so that Deck 5 is completely above the water, and Deck 4 is still approximately two meters under water. The wreck is currently floating an average of 6 meters above the underwater platform upon which it was resting. The plan calls for Deck 3 to be out of the water when the transport to Genoa begins next week.

Operations to control the ballast are currently being performed, and the operations center reports the wreck is stable.

Update: As of Saturday evening, Costa Concordia's bow is beginning to emerge as the ship continues to rise from under the water.

Salvage operations control announced today that towing from Giglio will now begin on Tuesday morning. 

By early Saturday Deck 5 was fully out of the water.

Late Saturday the bow began to emerge, as seen from the bridge area

On Saturday, Deck 4 and the bow began to emerge.

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