Friday, December 28, 2018

Break Out the Confetti

Carnival had a christening today in Pasadena. Not exactly a new ship, but kind of.

Carnival Cruise Line has been building a replica of Carnival Panorama, in float version, that will “sail” in the Rose Parade in Pasadena on Tuesday. Completion of the construction phase was marked today by its christening when Rose Queen Louise Siskel smashed a confetti-filled bottle across the "bow" of the float, officially naming it "Come Sail Away."

The complete story appeared in the December 28 edition of Cruise News Daily. 

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Exploration, Discovery & Enrichment

Princess' new wine menu has debuted and it's full new and wondrous things thanks to their partnership with Master of Wine and Master Sommelier Doug Frost, who believes it is the best wine list in the cruise industry. He has expanded it by 50 percent to a total of 142 wines all with descriptions that make it easy for an occasional wine drinker to know what he (or she) is ordering.

Details appeared in the December 27 issue of Cruise News Daily. 

Overboard from Harmony of the Seas

A 20-year-old male employee went overboard from Royal Caribbean's Harmony of the Seas in the early morning hours  Tuesday (December 25) while it was cruising between Port Everglades and St. Maarten.

The man from the UK was an entertainer, and the ship became aware he was missing when he did not report for work as scheduled. The crew performed a shipwide search, and security staff reviewed closed-circuit camera footage. They located footage recorded about 4am where the man was seen entering an area on Deck 5 and then was not seen again.

The complete story appeared in the December 27 edition of Cruise News Daily.

Other Things You'll Want to Know - December 27, 2018

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  • Carnival and FCCA being thought to be even better than Santa Claus by Caribbean children
  • Princess has the first ship in North America to accept both Chinese digital payment systems
  • If Carnival were to stack up all the Christmas trees they have on their ships, end to end, do you know how tall they would be? 

Details appear in the December 27 edition of Cruise News Daily.