Friday, July 18, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for July 18, 2014

* The Award for Best Advertising Use of Somebody Else’s Idea Goes to ...
May I have the envelope, please? No envelope? It’s a tweet!
   The award goes to Norwegian Cruise Line for an upcoming promotion they are running in New York, Miami and Houston.

* Friday’s Update from Giglio
Work to secure the starboard sponsons on the wreck of Costa Concordia is clearly going more slowly than anticipated. The original time line called for that phase to be completed Wednesday, but it is still continuing and will continue overnight Friday.

* Most Improved
Carnival Cruise Lines went through some dark days a couple of years ago. It seems like the stars just aligned so that they went from one PR disaster to another. Their image was at least bruised, if not more. Then they set their minds to improving it with a number of initiatives and new passenger programs.
   Guess what? It worked. YouGov’s BrandIndex has ranked Carnival Cruise Lines the most-improved U.S. brand in consumer perception, or “buzz,” in its mid-year 2014 Buzz Rankings Report.

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about why you should stock up on mosquito repellant if you're going to San Juan ... a woman missing from Costa Victoria ... and before there was QM2 and QE2.

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