Friday, March 2, 2012

Video from Passengers Aboard the Disabled Costa Allegra

Passengers who were aboard Costa Allegra for three days without any power - or the conveniences it makes possible - are getting their land legs back, either at home or at a resort hotel in the Seychelles, paid for by Costa Cruises. It seems they've hardly had time to get that hot shower so many wanted, and some of them were on their computers posting videos from their time aboard the ship without power.

Some are complaining, most are not. Costa made them a very fair compensation offer, which we reported earlier. Passengers are essentially getting double their money back for the cruise and all their travel expenses (air fare, hotels, and whatever else they spent), all onboard charges waived, and either an expense-paid stay of up to two weeks in the Seychelles or a future cruise voucher equal to the value of what was left of their cruise on Monday when the fire broke out. (Passengers were disembarking at various ports over the next month.) Costa says that 481 passengers of the 627 opted for the free stay in the Seychelles; the rest departed Thursday evening on flights for European destinations.

The complaints seem to center on the crew not responding with absolute precision when the fire broke out, or that there was a fire at all.

The videos below, shot by passengers, depict the conditions aboard the ship. Conditions certainly aren't what the passengers expected, or what Costa wanted to provide on the cruise, but they also don't look as horrible as the news media keeps trying to portray them, either.