Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Costa Allegra Continues toward Mahe

The tow of Costa Allegra is continuing today toward Mahe in the Seychelles. The cruise ship was disabled by a generator room fire on Monday, and has been under tow by a French oceangoing fishing vessel since Tuesday morning.

A helicopter arrived again today with more supplies, including fresh bread and 400 flashlights. Water, soft drinks and cold foods such as fruits, cold cuts and cheeses, remain in good supply aboard Costa Allegra.

A Navy ship also brought eight members of Costa's Care Team who will discuss options with the passengers for their onward travel once the ship arrives at Mahe on Thursday. Passengers do have the option of continuing their vacation in the Seychelles at Costa expense, and so far 376 have said they will do so. The other 251 have opted to take flights home from Mahe Thursday evening. Other members of Costa's Care Team remained on Mahe to ensure everything is ready for Costa Allegra's arrival.

There were also two immigration officers from the Seychelles aboard the Navy vessel. They will begin processing the passengers in order to speed their disembarkation on Thursday.

The ship is making progress toward Mahe, but it has lost some time, and arrival is now estimated to be at 9am local time (midnight Wednesday EST) rather than 6am as originally anticipated.

Below is some raw video of a flyover of Costa Allegra shot on Monday showing the disabled ship in the Indian Ocean, prior to the tow beginning on Tuesday.

Update March 1, 2012: Costa Allegra has arrived at Mahe. Video reports are in a later item on this blog.