Tuesday, September 11, 2007

CND Headlines - The Beginning of the End

India's Supreme Court today gave final approval to begin dismantling the former SS Norway, now called Blue Lady.

A little more than a year ago, the ship was run aground at Alang (India) in preparation, but several court challenges have prevented the demolition work from beginning. Now all that's standing in the way is the actual paperwork.

Work is expected to start in about a week, and the demolition project should be completed in about a year.

Norway may be gone, but at least its passengers still have wonderful memories of a beautiful ship that came to the end of its useful life. NCL assured CND that before they sold the ship - to the buyer who ultimately made the decision to scrap it - they had removed the important artifacts and placed them in storage to use again at the right time. So in some way, Norway will sail on into the future - at least in spirit and in our memories.

Details were in today's edition of Cruise News Daily.