Saturday, August 4, 2007

From the captain I think we're listing to the port side department:

A columnist at the Midland Reporter-Telegram recently sailed aboard one of Regal Princess' 15-day cruises to Hawaii and discovered the twice-daily team trivia games. Being a political columnist, his interest was piqued when one of the questions cruise director David Bradshawe asked was, "Who will be elected as the next president of the United States?" (The teams siding with the majority get credit for a right answer.)

Bradshawe said he asks that question once each cruise and has found something interesting. Hillary Clinton has now been the most popular answer on five consecutive cruises. Not only that, but no Republican candidate has even finished in the top two choices on any of the five cruises.

The poll isn't scientific because it only includes Regal's passengers. The writer seemed relieved when he realized that many more than half the passengers were from California, which does tend to have a rather liberal population, so that would tend to favor Senator Clinton.

If you hear that Regal Princess is listing decidedly to the left, it probably just has something to do with Princess trying to make the passengers comfortable.

Note: Link was valid at time of publication.