Monday, July 30, 2007

From the nonstory department:

Seattle TV station KOMO gets our award for running the biggest nonstory lately. Their headline in a story posted Sunday was "Tragedy-stricken cruise ship returns to Seattle." I wondered what had happened to what ship leaving Seattle over the weekend. The story turned out to be about Sun Princess. Last Tuesday, four passengers from the ship had been killed in a plane crash during the ship's Ketchikan port call. KOMO covered the story at that time.

So what was the story they covered on Sunday? They didn't interview anyone traveling with either of the couples who returned without them. There was a brief mention in the article that one passenger said the cruise line had handled it tastefully onboard and by being forthcoming with information onboard. The ship returned as scheduled on Sunday. There wasn't one piece of information in the article (or the linked video clip) that wasn't already known or routine.

The only way this would have been a story on Sunday would have been if Sun Princess hadn't returned to Seattle as scheduled. But it did, so the story was .... what?