Sunday, August 5, 2007

From the something for everyone department:

We received a press release yesterday touting the "3rd Annual Bead Cruise" aboard Navigator of the Seas on March 1 (2008). I must be living under a rock; I didn't even know there was a first or a second. For a moment I was excited, thinking it had something to do with drawing a bead on people we don't like, but then I realized it was for people who wanted to know how to better use beads in jewelry and fabric decoration. The press release says, "the classes have something for everyone: off-loom beading, wire-work, bead embroidery, beadmaking and unique bead stringing projects. The instructors teach all over the world, including at the biggest beading events in the country." There I am under the rock again; I didn't even know there were any beading events in this country or any others, for that matter.

They had 50 bead enthusiasts on last year's cruise, but they are capping this year's event at 65. No mention was made of an autograph session.

The biggest question left unanswered is whom the group will decide to support in the Iowa caucuses. (I've heard Clinton's chances diminished earlier this week when word circulated that she uses a Beadazzler. Can she overcome it?)