Friday, August 3, 2007

From the too close for comfort department:

Updated 6:30pm: About 10:30 this morning, an NYPD detective noticed three men in the East River near the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal - and uncomfortably close to the security zone surrounding Queen Mary 2 which is in port today.

What raised suspicion is that two of the men were in an inflatable boat, and the third was in a submersible vessel which was partially submerged.

The NYPD's harbor unit took the three into custody, and the Dept of Homeland Security subsequently determined that there was no connection to terrorism. So far, the three have only been charged with violating the security zone around QM2. A Coast Guard spokesperson told CND that it appears the incident may have been a publicity stunt by one of the men to gain attention for his business and it was probably just coincidental that QM2 was there.

Cunard's QM2 is in port on its regular turnaround between transatlantic crossings and departed on time this evening.

The photo above (courtesy of the USCG) shows the submarine in the foreground within 200 yards of Queen Mary 2. There is a series of seven photos of the craft on the WABC website. (You will need to click next at the far right side to cycle through them.) More photos are located on the local Fox website.
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