Saturday, July 28, 2007

From the health department:

According to European media reports, passengers aboard Fred Olsen's Black Watch were informed Friday evening of a suspected outbreak of Legionnaires Disease aboard the ship.

The reports say eight people were taken off the ship for medical care, and no one else is being allowed off the ship, which is remaining at Stockholm. There are reportedly approximately 750 passengers and 350 crew members aboard.

Update: Later reports say that only six people were hospitalized with pneumonia-like symptoms, and they are in stable conditions. It hasn't been confirmed that they have Legionnaires Disease, but reports quote health officials saying it is probable. Water samples were taken for testing to see if the passengers became infected on the ship. The ship had been to Estonia and Finland on the cruise. The balance of the cruise was canceled, and the ship is returning to England with the fremaining passengers. It will receive a "deep cleaning" before the next sailing.