Thursday, July 26, 2007

From the what else didn't you tell me department:

There is a public posting today from a lady on one of Carnival's European sailings that demonstrates just what cruise lines' customer relation departments are up against.

She complains that Carnival never informed her that the Vatican Museum would be closed on the day her ship would call at Civitavecchia, and visiting the Vatican Museum was the only reason she took the cruise. (If seeing the Vatican Museum was her only reason for going to Europe, wouldn't it be more cost-effective to just fly to Rome for a day and visit the museum?) She says that's a very bad business practice on Carnival's part.

Not only that, but Carnival never informed her that the shops in Florence wouldn't take US dollars! More bad service from Carnival.

She is very generous, however, and never brings up the fact that Carnival didn't advise her that the Christmas decorations at the Vatican would be down by this time in July either.