Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Outsider's Guide to Sydney Harbor

With explosive growth in the cruise industry in Australia, more and more Sydney's harbor is in the news. For those who don't live there, it's hard to keep the geography straight. This map has the important cruise industry landmarks market. Click the blue pin for information.

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The Overseas Passenger Terminal has one berth that can accommodate the current generation of new large ships.

The Garden Island Naval Base allows an occasional cruise ship to berth there, and the cruise industry has proposed to use it on a regular basis.

The Sydney Harbor Bridge stands in the way of large (tall) ships sailing west of it.

There is currently one berth that will accommodate smaller ships at the Cruise Passenger Terminal at Barangaroo.

A new multi-berth cruise terminal is under construction at White Bay. This is opposed by the cruise industry because it is both in the wrong place with respect to roadway traffic patterns, and it doesn't solve the problem that many of the industry's new ships won't be able to use it.