Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Third Arson Fire Breaks out aboard Norwegian Epic

* Things Heat up on Norwegian Epic as Delivery Draws Near

Norwegian Epic is only a little more than a week away from delivery by STX France, and over the weekend there was another fire onboard. Like the other two, French police believe, preliminarily, that this one is the result of arson.

This fire broke out Sunday afternoon as yard workers, subcontractors and their families were touring the virtually completed ship.

Sunday's fire was extinguished quickly and caused little damage, although the ship did have to be evacuated, and visitors were not allowed to reboard for an hour and a half.

Authorities are now rushing to complete their investigations before Norwegian Epic is handed over to Norwegian Cruise Line and leaves the yard on June 17. They say indications in all three blazes are "almost certainly" pointing toward arson. Although it was originally thought that the fires were related to labor troubles at the yard, authorities have now begun to be concerned that they are not and the implications that would have.

Details appeared in the June 8, 2010, edition of Cruise News Daily.