Friday, June 11, 2010

Could This Be NCL's New Shore Excursion for Norwegian Epic?

Passengers aboard NCL's new Norwegian Epic could be walking on water if NCL licenses this new experience as a shore excursion. The line is known to be targeting customers with the innovative ship who would not normally take a cruise, and this experience is definitely not your run of the mill shore experience. The demo shown here is in a mountain stream, so of course it would have to be adapted for the Caribbean, most likely in a beach setting.

NCL has not chosen a site for the excursion yet, with complications arising in that the ship will alternate the first year between eastern and western Caribbean itineraries, and then the following summer move to Europe. Liquid Mountaineering, who would have to license the technology, would have to agree to allowing the technology to be used in multiple countries.

Will Norwegian Epic passengers soon be able to walk on water with the Liquid Mountaineering technology? Of course not. It's Friday afternoon, and it's a hoax created by an advertising agency to promote the waterproof shoes. If you'd like to see how they did it, there's another video which shows the creation of the spot. It would be simpler if the technology just existed, and then it would make a marvelous shore excursion for NCL.