Wednesday, August 8, 2007

From the when will they learn department:

It was either a slow news day in New Jersey or the program has just moved north, but it's become routine news in Florida. According to the Jersey Journal, a passenger who had been vacationing on Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Seas returned to Cape Liberty (NJ) on Friday (news must travel slower in New Jersey because they just published the story Tuesday) to find the cops waiting to arrest her on an outstanding warrant from South Carolina. Since cruise lines are now required to submit passenger and crew manifests to authorities prior to the ship's arrival, they have plenty of time to check the people aboard for warrants, and arrests at the ports have become routine.

We don't understand how being wanted by the police could just slip your mind, but then there is the excitement of going on a cruise and all. If criminals were smart, Fox's "Cops" would have run out of material at least a decade ago.

Note: Link was valid at time of posting.