Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Two Ships in Port When Terrorists Strike Tunis

Some of the cruise industry’s worst fears about terrorism came true today in Tunis. Terrorists opened fire on innocent people in front of the Bardo Museum choosing their targets, according to media reports, because they were tourists, and they were identified as such by the fact that they were getting off tour buses from cruise ships.

Some who were escaping the chaotic scene in front of the museum by running into it were taken hostage there. Both attackers and police were killed as police brought order and freed the hostages, but some of the gunmen are believed to have escaped. Information coming out of Tunis is still changing constantly but the death toll among tourists now is reported to be 20, including Italian, Polish, German and Spanish citizens. Five police officers and two gunmen are also reported dead. At least 20 other tourists are believed to have been wounded during the attack.

The complete story appeared in the March 18 edition of Cruise News Daily.