Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 17, 2013

* Jacksonville Decides to Proceed with the Status Quo
Longtime readers (or at least those who have been following the industry since 2008) know there’s been something of a panic in Jacksonville to settle on a site for a new cruise terminal, because the port’s cargo terminal was going to expand onto the location of the cruise terminal. The way things were progressing, the wrecking balls were en route to the port to knock it down (figuratively). At several times the port had even gone so far as to option other parcels of land for the cruise terminal that would actually be in better locations than the current one.
   So it comes as a stunning change that the port has decided to just let the cruise terminal stay where it is - for now.

* CNN Looks at the Carnival Triumph Fire
Last night CNN aired a report on Anderson Cooper 360 based on a lawsuit filed by a small number of passengers who were aboard Carnival Triumph when it experienced an engine room fire. The ship subsequently drifted in the Gulf of Mexico under very unpleasant conditions.
   The report seemed to accept that the plaintiffs were right, which isn’t surprising, but what was surprising was that Carnival actually participated in the story, granting interviews and giving statements.

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