Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Cruise News Daily Headlines for December 11, 2013

* Look at Me Way Up High I Can ...
As the entertainment spaces get bigger on Royal Caribbean ships, the entertainment gets more complex and elaborate. As more and more specialty entertainers are needed, Royal Caribbean has been looking for somewhere for them to train. Today they announced what they think is the perfect solution.
   Through a partnership with Florida International University, Royal Caribbean will be building their own training/rehearsal facility on FIU’s Biscayne Bay Campus.

Artist's conception of Royal Caribbean facility at FIU.
 * Green Eggs on Carnival Will No Longer Relate to Freshness (or lack thereof)
Move over, Fun Ship Freddy! You will soon have company in the character locker room on the ship. Carnival Cruise Lines has tapped into one of the most iconic series of children’s stories for their kids’ programming. The lovable characters from the imagination of Dr. Seuss will soon be aboard Carnival ships, and the onboard programming for kids will include elements from many of the stories.

* Are You Missing Something?
Mondays seem to be bad days for lifeboats on Royal Caribbean ships, because in the last two weeks, on Mondays two different RCI ships have experienced malfunctions that resulted in a lifeboat being left behind.

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