Monday, December 9, 2013

ABB Records Record Year of Azipod Sales

ABB has had a record year of sales of their Azipod propulsion systems for cruise ships. The company is closing the 2013 year with sales of Azipod systems for six cruise ships to be delivered through 2016 totaling $180 million.

The Azipod propulsion system is an electric propulsion unit, which is housed in a submerged pod underneath the ship's hull. The pod contains a variable-speed electric motor which drives a fixed-pitch propeller, and can be rotated to provide propulsion thrust freely in any direction. The Azipod propulsion system eliminates the need for rudders, stern thrusters or a long shaft lines inside the ship’s hull.

The two Azipod units shown here in a dry dock are affixed to the underside of a ship's hull and would normally be under the water.


Photos courtesy of ABB. May not be copied or used without permission. All rights reserved.