Monday, March 19, 2012

Silversea's Silver Shadow Involved in Collision

Silversea's Silver Shadow was involved in what the line terms a "minor" collision with a cargo vessel last Friday (March 16, 2012) off Ha Long Bay in Vietnam.

The incident occurred during heavy fog and caused only minor damage to the cruise ship (as seen in the video below, shot by a passenger), but reports say that damage to the cargo vessel was more substantial. There were no injuries aboard Silver Shadow, and its seaworthiness was not compromised. Reports from passengers say Silver Shadow's bow struck the cargo vessel broadside.

Silver Shadow continued to port, and has since continued its cruise. It embarked on its next cruise today (March 19, 2012).

This video, shot by a passenger, shows the damage to Silver Shadow. In the audio, the passenger's assessment of the damage seems to be that it is much more serious than Silversea's assessment does.