Monday, January 9, 2012

MSC Peosia Runs Argound

The 90,000-ton MSC Poesia ran aground in the Bahamas off Port Lucaya early Saturday morning (January 7, 2012). It was mostly a non-event from the standpoint of the passengers, because the port was already scheduled to be tendered, and all services aboard could continue normally. Work continued through the day, and the ship was able to free itself with the assistance of four tugs late in the day.

There was no damage to the ship, and it made its Sunday call as scheduled and returned to Ft. Lauderdale this morning as planned.

The video below was shot by a local dive tour operator on Grand Bahama. While at the end, the voiceover includes a snarky comment about damage to the reef, the producer fails to recognize that (a) the ship was not grounded intentionally, and (b) that without the ship coming to the island, Grand Bahama Island would not have had the economic benefit of more than 2,500 passengers visiting for the day and buying shore excursions from local operators.