Friday, July 1, 2011

Video: Celebrity Silhouette Completes Ems Transit to the Sea

Yesterday Celebrity Silhouette departed the Meyer shipyard on its conveyance down the Ems River to the Sea. This video shows the first part of the difficult and complicated trip. The ship sails slowly backward - stern first for safer maneuverability - down the river choreographed with the tide and the winds. In preparation for the trip power and railroad tracks that cross the river have been removed. In the video, you get a perspective on just how little clearance the ship has as it passes through the locks.

Sometimes seeing behind the scenes is even more enlightening, as you'll see in this raw video taken during the first part of the transit.

This amateur video (below) taken near Leer gives a better impression of what the process is along the 26-mile route as the ship travels down the river - slow, and again how little clearance there is as it passes through the various locks and bridges.