Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Video of Grand Princess Drydock - Day 1

Princess is embarking on the most extensive transformation of a ship they've ever undertaken during the drydock of Grand Princess which started today in Freeport (Bahamas).

The most dramatic change during the three-week drydock will be when Skywalkers Nightclub is removed from its perch above the ship's stern. But Princess will also be adding many new features to the ship and they will all be shown in the daily videos which will be posted here the same day they are shot in Freeport.

In the first video, shot yesterday in Ft. Lauderdale, cruise director Martyn Moss shows the preparation which has already begun after the last cruise, and will continue while the ship makes the short overnight trip to Freeport.

In today's second video, shot this morning in Freeport, the ship can be seen entering the drydock and being lifted out of the water.

In the third video, work is beginning on the conversion of the atrium to Princess' signature piazza.

But that's not all. Princess also is publishing a photo journal with its own updates of the work underway that day.