Wednesday, June 30, 2010

NCL Plans for Epic Christening, Lybian Line Builds Big Ship, NCL Passenger Assaults Girl at Dinner, That Pesky Sculpture in San Juan

CND subscribers also read about NCL choosing a host for Norwegian Epic's inaugural ceremonies in New York and the line webcasting the event live on Friday at 2pm. (You can register at

+ STX France signed the final contracts with Libyan oil carrier GNMTC for a 139,400-ton cruise ship carrying almost 3,500 passengers (double occupancy). The line has a fleet of 24 tankers, but this is their first venture into passenger shipping.

+ An NCL passenger was convicted of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old girl at dinner in the presence of his wife, child, and the girl's family.

+ The new San Juan port director pledges to get rid of the pesky sculpture which has already "stood in the way" of some of the port's cruise business.

Details of these items were in the "Other Things You'll Want to Know" column in the June 30, 2010, edition of Cruise News Daily.