Friday, April 10, 2009

Tahitian Princess Safely on Her Way

Even though cruise lines know pirates aren't really interested in cruise ships, when they have a ship that must sail through or near the Gulf of Aden, they are prudent and take extra precautions - and hold their breath until it is safely through the dangerous area.

With that in mind, Princess Cruises reports they have just exhaled. Tahitian Princess passed through the area today without incident and is now sailing in the Red Sea toward the Suez Canal.

CND recently interviewed the chief security officer for a major cruise line that has occasion to send ships through the Gulf of Aden. He spoke with us about why pirates aren't interested in cruise ships and therefore why cruise ships continue to transit the area. (They don't cruise there as some of the media makes it sound. It's the only reasonable route to get between the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf or Asia.) That interview is still available on our blog.