Monday, June 30, 2008

From the put a sock in it department:

I worked all afternoon in my stateroom writing CND today. Most of the afternoon I had been aware of some racket outside (we are pierside in Rotterdam), but I didn’t pay any more attention than thinking it was annoying.

I have a stateroom all the way forward on Eurodam, near the bow. Since we have arrived, I’ve been seeing them build more or less an amphitheater for Tuesday’s christening on the pier. There has been lots of banging and clanking as they built the stage and seating area. Of course the bow will be where the champagne breaks, so it is center stage.

The first part of the afternoon I was aware of music, but since I was involved in my articles I wasn’t really paying much attention. Later in the afternoon, I became aware that the orchestra had set up on the new stage and was playing first the American national anthem and then the Dutch national anthem. They would get to points and stop and start all over again. I’ve probably heard these songs at least 15 or 20 times along with lots of other regal-sounding music.

Of course once I was really paying attention, it’s been annoying to the max, and I’m looking for something to throw down at them as I yell, “Keep it down. People have to work up here, you know.”

Then again, I have to realize, this may be these people’s only chance to ever play before the queen and they want it to be perfect.

The picture above is a view from my balcony of seating area and stage (with orchestra) that they have built since we arrived on Sunday.