Sunday, June 29, 2008

From the Arrival in Rotterdam department:

Eurodam just arrived in Rotterdam where it will be named on Tuesday by Queen Beatrix. Just like for Oosterdam when it was named here a couple of years ago, the Dutch came out by the hundreds to watch it sail down the river and to dock here by Holland America’s original headquarters building.

For many, it is a connection back to their family history, because for many generations, people had family members working at sea for the Holland America Line. But the strange thing is how they deal with this. For the most part, they are completely silent. There is no waving. There’s certainly no cheering. They just stand there in silence looking. Occasionally there is a flash from a camera. Some people do shift positions or walk about, but mostly they just stand there. It’s almost like their relatives, long passed, have returned, and by their presence here they are here paying their respects.

And by Holland America returning here occasionally now, it seems the line is doing the same.