Monday, November 5, 2018

Three for Barcelona

Half of Windstar's fleet - three ships - docked in Barcelona last week (October 27). It's seldom that many ships from the line meet up like that, so Windstar made an occasion of it.

The three ships - Star Breeze, Wind Surf and Windstar - represented both types of vessels Windstar has - one power yacht and two sailing yachts.

Details appeared in the November 5 edition of Cruise News Daily. 

Three Windstar Ships leaving Barcelona, (L to R) Star Breeze, Wind Star and Wind Surf.
Windstar Captains (L-R): Vitaliy Brylko (Star Breeze), Belinda Bennett (Wind Star), Roman Krstanovic (Star Breeze), and Pedro Pinto (Wind Surf). 

Crew members from all three ships met aboard Star Breeze.

Photos courtesy of Windstar Cruises. All rights reserved. May not be copied or used without express permission.