Friday, April 29, 2016

Fathom May Get Some Competition

As you know, Carnival’s new Fathom social impact brand will begin cruising from Miami to Cuba on Sunday. It will be the first time in 50 years the average American can cruise to Cuba.

Under US law it’s still not possible to legally take a conventional cruise to Cuba where the point is just dining well, being entertained, going to the beach and doing some shopping and sightseeing. US law says if you aren’t in some special category like vising your Cuban relatives or a journalist on assignment, you have to be on some kind of educational or humanitarian mission - and learning something about the country and its culture qualifies as “educational.” So for the moment, if you want to cruise to Cuba, Fathom is your ticket.

Other lines have expressed their desire to cruise there, but for their type of cruise, they know they are going to have to wait until US law changes. Royal Caribbean executives talked about their interest in eventually cruising to Cuban ports during their conference call this morning to discuss their quarterly earnings. But after the call, they revealed they have some other plans in process.

The complete article appeared in the April 29 edition of Cruise News Daily.