Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Casting a Wider Net

Cruise lines search the world for entertainers, and if you check their websites, most will have a section where they are recruiting talent, and they will tell you where they are holding auditions. Most of the time, they are within a certain geographic range of the home office. But Carnival’s German brand AIDA is casting a wider net, because they need a lot of talent.

On an average day, AIDA has entertainers on 24 stages on 10 ships. This year they need to hire 570 entertainers of every type - singers, dancers, and specialty acts - but this number is higher than normal because they also have to staff the entertainers aboard their new flagship, AIDAprima which will enter service in April, adding three more stages to the inventory. To do this they are searching the world from Hamburg to Los Angeles - and lots of places in between.

The complete story appeared in the January 27 edition of Cruise News Daily.