Thursday, October 15, 2015

Do You Hear That Buzz?

Have you checked your accounts on at least two social media services today? If so, you might be the target of Royal Caribbean’s latest ad campaign, but then again, you’ve been on a cruise, so they really have their eye on someone else.

At dead center of their sights are Millennials who have never been on a cruise and use social media very heavily. Those are the people who are really being invited to “Come Seek” in the ads and will really get it. Anyone else who wants to can come along for the ride, but they may not understand like those in the center of the bulls eye do.

The complete story appeared in the October 15 edition of Cruise News Daily.

These are three of Royal Caribbean's five-second spots that will begin airing Monday. They are designed to pique your interested and get you to watch the longer 30-second spot that will follow.