Friday, October 3, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for October 3, 2014

* And October 11 Makes Three
As repairs have continued on Veendam in Quebec today, technicians have determined a complete repair can only be made in dry dock. Unfortunately that process and getting the ship back in position will take longer than seven days, so Holland America is also canceling the October 11 sailing from Quebec to Boston.

* To Be Successful, a Change of Thinking Is Necessary
The contract for the firm that manages the cruise terminal in Mobile is coming up for renewal, and the city has asked for an extension while they consider what they are going to do. From the tone, it sounds more as if the city is considering more of a change of policy regarding the terminal, rather than considering simply changing the firm that will manager it.
   No doubt this is going to engender a community-wide discussion. The local newspaper has already started it. The cruise terminal seems to be a hot potato. It hasn’t had a cruise line there regularly since Carnival left in October 2011. The city borrowed $18.6 million in 2008 to build the terminal, and payments on it go on until 2030. So there seems to be a mindset that the city must find another cruise line to occupy the terminal in order to pay the annual bond payment, or the terminal needs to be generating at least enough revenue to make substantial payments.
   This thinking needs to change. If it doesn’t, not only will it never be successful in the eyes of the community, but chances are slim the city will ever find a cruise line to occupy it. They may as well stop looking for a cruise line now and convert the building to offices or a banquet hall or something that can easily be rented.

* Star Princess Returning with More Than Passengers
On Saturday, Star Princess will be Princess Cruises’ first ship to return to Cabo San Lucas after Hurricane Odile. When it arrives, in addition to passengers anxious to enjoy the port, it will also be carrying pallets of relief supplies for area residents who are still feeling the storm’s impact.

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