Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for October 21, 2014

* Stepping Back to 1977
The point of naming ceremonies these days is to get attention for a ship - to grab media coverage and to at least momentarily get the new ship in front of as many potential customers as possible. New ships aren’t the rarity they once were, so unless the ship has some really unique new feature, the cruise line has to be pretty clever to come up with something that will make media stop and look and run the story.
   The people in Princess Cruises’ PR Department are geniuses at hitting on just the right idea. (Has anyone forgotten the Duchess of Cambridge named Royal Princess?) I thought they had hit a home run when announced they were bringing together the entire original cast of “The Love Boat” to be godparents of Regal Princess. No media outlet is going to be able to resist that.
   If that was a home run, for insurance, Princess’ PR Department has now come up with a back-to-back grand slam that no media outlet is going to be able to let slip by. 

* Digital enhancements from Port Everglades
Ft. Lauderdale’s port served up two new digital offerings just in time for the winter cruise season.

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