Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Coast Guard Drops Blood to Carnival Miracle

A US Coast Guard HC-130 aircraft from Barber's Point Air Station (near Honolulu) successfully dropped urgently-needed blood to Carnival Miracle Tuesday morning (September 23) while the ship was traveling between Vancouver and Kauai. Carnival Miracle was located 400 miles northeast of Oahu at the time.

The complete story appeared in the September 24, 2014, edition of Cruise News Daily.

UPDATE: Thursday, September 25
There was more to the story which happened later Tuesday when the patient's condition continued to deteriorate. When Carnival Miracle was 80 miles north of Oahu, a Coast Guard helicopter and C-130 returned to medevac the man to a Honolulu hospital. In the infrared video below, you can see the helicopter operation over the deck of the cruise ship. The video was shot from the C-130 as it circled Carnival Miracle.

Video courtesy of the US Coast Guard. All rights reserved.