Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for June 18, 2014

* Britain Setting New Records for the Cruise Industry
For the first time last year, more than one million passengers boarded cruise ships at British ports, 1,062,000 to be more precise, which represented a whopping 8% increase over 2012. With them, the cruise industry brought cash, both in direct spending and in the form of a sizable economic impact.

* More of LA Waterfront Opens
On Friday night, the Port of Los Angeles will open up a new area of the LA Waterfront, Downtown Harbor and Town Square. It connects downtown San Pedro to the LA Waterfront. A short video is below.

* Approval Nearing on Costa Concordia Refloating and Towing
Next week, the date will be set when Costa Concordia will be refloated and towed to a salvage yard for dismantling. The Italian body that is overseeing the project (and thus required to give its approval every step of the way) will conclude their meetings on June 26 and announce the final plans (assuming they approve).

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The new Downtown Harbor and Town Square ares of LA Waterfront are opening Friday at the Port of Los Angeles. This video gives an overview of the project.