Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cruise News Daily Headlines for July 3, 2013

* Mitsubishi Resumes Building Cruise Ships
After a ten-year absence from the market, Mitsubishi has resumed building cruise ships. The company worked hard to get their foot in the door to the industry, building a pair of ships for Carnival Corp’s Princess brand in 2004, but then the cargo boom hit, and they became so heavily booked building various types of cargo vessels, their lead time to get a cruise ship scheduled was too long for cruise lines to consider.

But now construction has begun on the first of two ships for Carnival’s AIDA brand. These will be even more technologically-advanced than the two stunning Princess ships they built in the last decade.  More

* Other Things You’ll Want to Know
CND subscribers also read about a Baltic ferry passenger going overboard ...  Zenith repairs are being extended to two weeks ... and funding for Piraeus.

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