Monday, December 17, 2012

Salvaging Costa Concordia

Last Sunday evening (December 17, 2012), CBS's 60 Minutes ran a story on the salvage of Costa Concordia. If you've been following Cruise News Daily's coverage, you already know the information presented, but it does show some interesting footage of the wreck and correspondent Leslie Stahl talks with Titaln Salvage's Nick Sloane about the project. We have the report here. (It does have a couple commercial breaks, but that's how CBS pays the bills. Just stick with it.)

Below the report which aired, we have some web extras that give some interesting behind the scenes perspectives on the 60 Minutes story.

In the first web extra, CBS shows how the crew shot the footage of the ship.

The next web extra is a clip from the interview with Nick Sloane of Titan Salvage talking about how they used supercomputers to do the calculations for the design of the salvage operation.

In the third web extra, senior salvage master Nick Sloane tells Lesley Stahl why the ship weighs so much -- and why it's an environmental priority to remove it in one piece.

In the last web extra senior dive master Jimmy Conroy has been working on the wreck for months on end, but says he feels honored to be part of a project that's attracted "some of the best maritime talent in the world."

Video courtesy of CBS.