Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Coast Guard Searches for Missing Celebrity Millennium Passenger

Updated 9:30pm

A passenger was reported overboard on Tuesday from Celebrity Millennium which has just sailed from Cabo San Lucas to San Diego.

The 63-year-old woman was last seen Monday evening while the ship was at sea. It was realized she was missing Tuesday when she did not disembark the ship for US Customs clearance. All passengers were required to clear customs at San Diego since it was the first port of entry back into the US as the ship sailed from Ft. Lauderdale to Vancouver. Celebrity Millennium sailed from Cabo San Lucas on Sunday at 3pm.

After the ship was searched, the woman was reported to the Coast Guard, the FBI and other authorities as missing at 1:15pm (Pacific time) Tuesday afternoon. The Coast Guard launched an air and sea search over the route the ship had traveled into San Diego.

Celebrity says that a subsequent search of the ship's closed-circuit camera recordings has shown the woman climbing over the ship's railing on Deck 4 Monday evening at 9:12pm and letting go. The ship's position at that time has been communicated to the Coast Guard so they can refine their search based on the location and the currents.

The Coast Guard suspended the search on Wednesday without finding the woman.

The complete story appeared in the May 4, 2011, edition of Cruise News Daily.