Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday update on testimony in Antigua taxi fare scuffle trial

Updated Sept 12, 10am
Testimony resumed on Friday in Aruba in the case of six American tourists off Carnival Victory who got into a dispute one week ago with a taxi driver over the fare he was trying to charge them. When taken to a police station, a brawl with the police ensued, resulting in the Americans' arrests.

From Friday's testimony it now is clear this was no little pushing and shoving match. The AP report says, "Prosecutors presented as evidence dozens of pictures showing the officers' injuries, including one of a bite wound that required stitches."

According to the more detailed account in the Antigua Sun, the abuse of the police officers was also extremely verbal, according to the officers' testimony. It also reveals that some of the Americans just wanted to pay the extra taxi fare and be done with it, and it was only some of the Americans who were so belligerent.

The trial will continue on Monday.