Monday, June 15, 2009

No Popcorn at this Movie Under the Stars

Long-time readers (ok, three years) of Cruise News Daily will remember when Princess announced their Engagement Under The Stars package, but until now, we've never actually been able to show you one.

This one actually happened last June aboard Crown Princess, and the couple just got married this month. The standard package usually consists of the man making a short video and it's played for the unsuspecting woman on the giant screen just before the Movies Under the Stars presentation. (Actually it could be for a woman asking a man, or a same sex couple. Princess doesn't care as long as they are paid.)

In this case, before leaving home, this man created a fake "movie trailer" for a movie that was very similar to the couple's lives and toward the end, has photos of them cut into it. Princess was more than happy to customize things to be just the way you want them to be (within reason).

The next video is raw footage that a Princess videographer shot of the woman's reaction. Notice all the touches that come with the package like the champagne and the rose, and the photos - and he mentions the dinner at Sabatini's. There's much more to the package that's delivered later in the cruise.