Friday, November 9, 2007

Form the you can't please all of the people all of the time department:

The Charleston (SC) Post & Courier reports that Norwegian Cruise Line is increasing its turnarounds at the city this year to a record 36 NCL cruises departing Charleston this year.

The agreement between the state, which operates the port, and the cruise line guarantees the port 105,000 passengers will board NCL ships at this winter season, on nine more sailings than last year over the same period. The article says last year the port's passengers numbered 107,030 for all cruise lines combined. In addition to the NCL sailings from Charleston, five other lines have scheduled port calls there.

Of course while the additional ships are bringing additional revenue to the port and providing economic benefit to the area, there is an element of the local population, as reported in the article, which is concerned about the effects of the additional visitors on the city. Read all about it in the link to the Post & Courier article.

Note: Link is valid at the time of posting.