Wednesday, October 24, 2007

From the Carnival delivers department:

As a project toward earning his Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scouts, 14-year-old Alex Border of Miami wanted to provide football (soccer) uniforms to other kids who couldn't afford them.

What he was originally thinking about was used ones, solicited from area teams. As the drive grew, he found what was being donated was not used uniforms but surplus ones that had never been worn. He eventually ended up with about $6,000 worth of the clothing.

Of course Alex needed to find somewhere to donate the equipment, and he realized there were lots of teams in need in the Caribbean, so that's where Alex's dad came in. He works for Carnival, and asked them to use their contacts in the Caribbean to find teams that could use the uniforms.

Not only did they find the teams, but they also transported the boxes there on their ships.

Above, you see Alex and his dad delivering the boxes to Carnival's headquarters in Miami.

One of the recipients was the Dominica Football Assn,

In the lower photo you see the uniforms being dropped off by Carnival Destiny during a regular port call at the island.

Shown here are (from left): Carnival Destiny Hotel Director Andy Brown; Dominica Football Association President Dexter Francis; and Carnival Destiny Chief Purser Marcus Davies.