Wednesday, July 18, 2007

From the story behind the story department:

When I wrote the title for the CND story about Costa choosing the name Costa Pacifica for the third ship in the Concordia-class, I paired the names Atlantica (which entered service in 2000) and Pacifica, as in the two oceans.

Fabrizia Greppi, Costa's VP of Corporate Communications in Genoa, tells me that wasn't the thinking that went into choosing the name. Actually, they were using the Italian word "pacifica" which translates to "peaceful." That fits in with the theme for the naming of the other two ships in the class (Costa Concordia and Costa Serena) whose names are themed on the wish of peace, serenity and friendship.

Photos of the launch of Costa Pacifica's bow section are currently on the front page of the CND website.