Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cruise News Daily Headlines for August 5, 2014

* P&O Details Plans for Aurora
After the peak summer season, and before its holiday cruise and epic winter trips, P&O will be giving Aurora a three-week 26-million-pound refit in Hamburg. In addition to cosmetics, they will be adding a number of features to the 14-year-old ship as well as updating the functionality of others.
   The most visible change to the 76,000-ton vessel is that Aurora will be the first P&O ship in the new Union Jack livery in which a contemporary version of the flag begins at the bow and streams back down the forward portion of the hull. The stack will take on a striking new dark blue color. At one time the white hull was striking and distinctive, but with the new livery, there now will be no mistaking P&O ships.

* Another Port Fretting about Parking Revenue
It seems another port is realizing they are being cut out parking revenue (by outside lots) and how important the revenue is to them. But while the port management at New Orleans tries to figure things out, it seems they don’t want to go to war with the private lots - for now.

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