Thursday, June 20, 2013

Royal Princess Features: SeaView Bar

The SeaWalk aboard Princess Cruises' new Royal Princess seems to be getting a lot of attention, but we think it's sister feature, the SeaView Bar, on the other side of the ship is a lot more interesting - and useful.

The SeaView Bar aboard the new Royal Princess

The SeaView Bar, on the starboard side of the ship's pool deck, is shaped just like the SeaWalk, and you can still walk out 28 feet beyond the side of the ship and look down through the glass deck to the sea 128 feet below, but instead of the open hole in the middle, the SeaView Bar fills up hole.

Sit on the "outside" of the bar and you can look down through the windows to the sea below or out through the "picture windows" to the expansive horizon. Sit on the "inside" and you have a great view of the top deck, the giant Movies Under the Stars screen (30% larger and more brilliant than on other Princess ships) and the Dancing Fountains show.

But twice a day - at midday and sunset - the SeaView Bar is itself the site of an eye-popping show - Princess' flair bartenders' show where you will see the experts do their fanciest (but impractical) bartending.

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